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Once again, someone made a big stink over at Greens as to why pokies should be eliminated like the pox. Just late last week, it was revealed by the Department of Treasury that Tasmania has supposedly lost more than two-hundred million dollars on pokies during the latest financial year. And, as everyone may have figured out by now, anti-pokie activists were quick to pounce on the news.

Kim Booth, the gaming spokesman for the Green Party, once again reiterated their point how online pokies were costing the community millions in lost revenue. In a statement, he barely hid his disgust when he said that pokies are “an utterly worthless industry”. Predictably enough, he was still pushing for a one-dollar-a-bit limit to be imposed on all pokie machines in the country.

When asked by the local dailies about it, the Tasmanian government said that they would not mind if the measures would have to be taken at the national level. However, the Commonwealth had said that they still favor the issue of precommitment rather than simply slapping dollar limits on all pokie machines.

This news comes in light of the study by the House of Assembly’s select committee about the possible effects and consequences of what having a $1 bet limit can do to all of the industries involved. The report of the committee, on the other hand, is set to be published on late November in front of Parliament.

No matter how many times we have said it, it still bears repeating over and over again that coercing a limit can only prove to be too costly for the whole pokies industry to handle. But you know, whatever!
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Halloween is fast approaching, yet for some people, October is a month dedicated to ghouls, ghosts, monsters, vampires, werewolves, and other nasty creatures that go bump in the night. Whatever, right? It’s also this time where urban legends are so popular, they’ll end up haunting you, your dreams and every waking hour you will have. You may think that these stories are fake but there are traces of truth in them – of course, I don’t mean that the actual things in the stories exist. Most of these stories can be traced back to real-life unexplained tragedies within the area or they are exaggerated versions of a country’s folklore.

So, whether you believe in these stories or not, I give you the scariest, if not most disturbing, urban legends from around the world. These are not arranged in any particular order.

The Crier (La Llorona) from Colombia

The Crier is the opposite of the Tiyanak because this involves a grown woman. Parents would often warn their children to go home before dark and tell them that the La Llorona is out to get them if they didn’t. Imagine that you’re a child and you hear someone crying – a woman to be exact. Driven by childish curiosity, you look for the source. As you draw closer, you realize that the cry was behind you all the time and you are now taken far away from your home, never to be seen again. Like the Tiyanak, La Llorona is associated with a woman who murdered her children – some would say that she killed her children after her husband left her. While it’s used to scare children, La Llorona also serves as a warning, or an ominous sign, to young mothers to never kill their children.

Crybaby Bridge from an unknown location

This is somewhat an urban legend that involves manmade structures. In an unknown location, a couple with their baby is driving through a flooded bridge. Realizing that they were in too deep, the husband goes out to look for help. The wife stays behind until she thinks it’s a good idea to get out of the car too. As she got out of the car, she suddenly hears her baby crying. She looks back and sees her baby carried out by the torrents. Legend has it that when you pass by this bridge, you can hear the baby crying.

Slit-Mouthed Woman from Japan

One can always associate Japan with the weird and creepy. This time, we give you the Slit-Mouthed Woman or the Kuchisake-Onna. There are several variations to the story. First, she was a beautiful wife of a samurai who cheated on her husband. Her husband, after finding out of her affair, slits her mouth from ear to ear. Some say she is cursed never to die, so she walks the earth asking for pity on her scars. A more modern variation includes a beautiful woman wearing a surgeon’s(?) mask walking the street. She then asks random people if she’s beautiful. If people said yes, she would take off her mask, reveal her scars, and ask people the same question. If they don’t give the same answer, they get sliced.

Scotland is home to rich folklore and it’s no surprise that they are able to come up with the White Death – no, this is not related to the Black Death. legend has it that a little girl from Scotland hated life so much that she wanted to destroy every trace of herself. She finally commits suicide, and soon after, her family finds out what happened to her. Now, the mystery here is that her family also started dying, with their limbs torn apart. The White Death is supposed to come knocking at your door the moment you know about the story – she worries that you’ll tell people about her existence so she decides to kill you.

Every country will probably have an urban legend that involves the dead and coffins. One particular story is called “Buried Alive”. Legend has it that the husband or wife passes away because of illness. Devastated, the other partner decides to bury their lover in a simple coffin. After the burial, the living partner would often have nightmares that their lover was trying to scratch their way out of the coffin. Others would say that their lover is screaming for help. This nightmare goes on for weeks until the living partner decides to contact the groundskeeper to exhume the coffin to alleviate their anxiety. The coffin was retrieved and opened – and surprise, surprise, there were scratch marks on the inside lid of the coffin with the deceased’s hands all bent and bloody.

Tiyanak from the Philippines

Remember Rosemary’s Baby and it’s Alive? Well, those nasty baby-looking monsters with grotesque teeth are what Filipinos call the Tiyanak. Imagine walking down one of the country’s most beautiful farmlands and suddenly, you hear a baby crying in the middle of the woods. You walk to the middle of the forest and find a baby wrapped in whatever it is babies wear – and you’re not the least bit suspicious of why anyone would leave a baby in the middle of the woods. Being the good soul that you are, you take the baby because you wouldn’t want something to happen to the baby. However, you wouldn’t expect the baby to transform in the middle of the night and start feasting on your organs and face. Once it’s done, it goes back to the forest to lure people and repeat the entire thing all over again. Numerous accounts are dedicated to the origins of the Tiyanak, ranging from aborted foetuses to dead unbaptized babies. Others believe that it’s a demon’s lovechild when a demon impregnates a human – the woman dies after giving birth and the baby is taken away.

Urban legends are basically part of every culture and each one adds to the unique character that sets each one apart—with a good scare that is.

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Children are such a joy; daughters in particular, are just the cutest little being that can light up a room when they arrive with their cute little princess dress, pony tails and captivating smiles. They have been a constant source of joy and inspiration to parents. Their mere existence motivates and makes mothers and fathers be a better version of their selves. Parents strive hard to ensure that the very best of everything is offered to every young girls of their lives, ensuring that all is well with their little baby, that they are healthy but more importantly, happy. They make sure that these young girls are taught well and are prepared for what life has to offer in general.

These little girls treasure their birthdays and as parents, you do your best to give your little one the kind of party she wants and deserves. Every parent desires to give an incredible birthday party to their daughter but most of the time they are limited with their financial budget. However an incredible birthday party doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive one. As a matter of fact, kids don’t see it that way. These kids describe a great party as one that they had so much fun at and one that is unforgettable. So in reality, an incredible party is actually all about the kids’ experiences. No matter what your budget is, you can throw your daughter an amazing party. What matters in the party is the experience your daughter and her friends have and one way to highlight that is to have a specific theme for the party so that you can incorporate everything in the party to that specific idea.

Get Great Party Ideas.

One of the things that you need to do before you go out there and purchase anything you’ll need for your daughter’s birthday party is to actually conduct aplanningsession with the people involved in making this party possible.

One of the top things that you need to do is to choose a great party idea for your daughter’s party. It will be best to choose one that your child wants and you can base your decision from her favorite things. Remember that the party is for your daughter and if she already has an idea for it, don’t insist on yours. If you feel that the idea is too much or too simple, you can use the idea and work on it but make sure to set the right expectations to your daughter so that she won’t be expecting something that you are not able to provide. So ask her for her idea and if she doesn’t have any yet, then choose the theme together. Give her a chance to be involved in the planning of the party, if she wants to. Or you can also choose the theme for her birthday party but make sure to inform her about it so you will know if she would want that for her party or not. This can be a parent-daughter bonding time that you can do to develop your relationship together. So keep her involved as much as possible.

Ideas For Girls

There are plenty of great ideas out there that you can choose from if in case you’ve run out of cool ones for your daughter’s birthday party. You can go through these ideas and perhaps choose some that you think your little girl would love. Once you are able to gather some great ideas, you can run your list and ask your daughter which one she would like to have for her party. This will definitely give your daughter the excitement she deserves for her big day, especially when it is all going to be all about her. Here are some great birthday party ideasthat your daughter may like:

Pink Is Pretty

One of the great ideas you can give your child for her party is a “pretty in pink” theme. It’s a fact that little girls love the color pink. This theme will allow you to decorate the whole event with the color “pink” and give your little princess, the royalty treatment she deserves. You can create a lot of things with this but the main idea is to incorporate the color pink in everything in the party.

Doughnuts And More Doughnuts

If your daughter loves doughnuts, let her have her special day filled with it. You can bake lots of doughnuts thatcome in different flavors. She and her friends can have a grand time eating and be filled with its creamy delicious taste. You can also have a “make your own doughnut” activity during the party, where your daughter and her friends can make their own doughnuts by adding topics and chocolate fillings. All you have to do is make sure to have enough plain doughnuts and prepare all the other stuff needed to decorate the doughnuts. Each kid can then make their doughnuts themselves depending on their preferences.

Garden Party

Have you ever thought about the tea party in Alice in Wonderland? There are many little girls who love the story of Alice and it will be a great idea to have something like a tea party for your daughter’s birthday. This time however, it will be a tea party for little girls in the middle of your home garden. You can prepare dainty stuff that will make everything look elegant for the girls. Your daughter and her friends can travel through time and experience the fantasy come to life. This will definitely make your girl really happy.
Sweets, Sweets, And More Sweets
Does your daughter have a sweet tooth? Then give her a party of sweets. Set up a candy bar where it has all types of sweets that every kid loves. You can also set up a chocolate fountain for the guests. Have a separate table of sweets specifically for the birthday celebrant, where it has all your daughter’s favorite candies. But make sure to also serve meals so that the kids will get the nourishment they needs.

Nautical And Female

A nautical theme would mean dealing with navy blue and stripes. However, to make this one a lot more girly, what you can do is incorporate the “little mermaid” concept and add a life in the ocean theme to it. Your daughter and her friends can dress up costumes from the navy while others can dress up like the creatures under the sea. You can have this party set up in a pool to make the water exegesis there a little girl out there who does not love fairies? Well, you can give her the chance to be a fairy for a day. Get her wonderful wings and maybe even those colorful wands and give her, her own fairly land. You can decorate the place in a forest-like setting and make sure to incorporate flowers, trees and butterflies.

A Pretty Ballerina

Who does not love the pink tutu that ballerinas wear? Let your daughter be a ballerina on her birthday. Set up an open stage at your backyard and hire a ballerina who can dance for her or give her the chance of dancing her own recital in front of her friends and family. Most ballerinas work with pink and those baby colors and it would make the party look all girly and your daughter would really feel happy being one.

Pajama Party!

Let your daughter have a pajama party! If you feel that your home does not have enough space to accommodate your daughter’s friends, you can just have the pajama party without the sleepover. You can tell your guests that the theme would be a pajama party so they come in their pajamas. You can also serve a lot of pancakes and all those breakfast treats. Let them choose their own pancake toppings too.

So for your daughter or niece’s birthday party, be as creative as you can. Go for colorful themes that delight young girls’ hearts. Also, don’t be too self-conscious to join the party and have fun. Be like a young kid again. Whatever!
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Wedding Videography

If you think about weddings, you can never really miss to remember wedding videography. Why? It’s because it’s that one best thing that will serve as a lifetime souvenir of a very memorable day. And if you want to have a wedding video that will never fail to put a smile on your face every time you watch, plan it out well and invest on it.
 photo Capture_zps15fd8672.jpg
If you’ve noticed, a lot of couples have begun to get super creative with engagement videos, save-the-date videos and even wedding invitation videos. There are plenty of wedding video ideas out there. But the important thing you should remember is to make yours unique as possible. Here are three great ideas that you can try:

Wedding Dance Video

If you and your partner are the type who wants to have a fun video, then you might want to consider making a unique wedding dance video. It’s a great way to lighten things up at your wedding rather than stick to the traditional serious wedding ceremony as most weddings usually are. Just look at how Uncle Joe or best friend Anne danced their way down the aisle for the entourage. It’s most certainly a fun way to start your wedding day and capturing it on video will serve as a memory that will last for a long time for both you and your guests!

Wedding Day Music Video

This idea is popularly known as the ‘marryoke’ wherein the wedding attendees lip sync to the couple’s favorite song. Now the thing to remember here is that if you want to have a detailed wedding day video showing the day’s events, you must not stick with a wedding day music video alone. You can have it as an extra package to be placed at the end of your wedding video instead. An example shot list for the wedding music video can include: bride and bridesmaids while the bride is getting ready, groom and groomsmen while they are getting ready, during the photo session after the ceremony and several shots of reception attendees seated at their tables.

Love Story Video

Each couple has a unique love story to share and you can tell yours through the video. The intention of this kind of wedding video is to share a retrospective of a couple’s courtship, reliving some of their earliest memories together. By using a documentary-style video, important events in your relationship such as where you first met, first kiss or proposal location can be included. Old footage and other photos can also be included. It’ll make a great impact when shown during the reception. And because every love story is unique, your love story video will come out unique as well.

Use these ideas and think of creative wedding perspectives to spice up your wedding video. Rest assured, you’ll have a project from being just another wedding video to one that is a uniquely personal celebration of love.
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Holding a swimming pool party can be truly great fun provided you do it with the right idea and proper steps. Pool parties are especially great during summer or hot days, and can be both casual and care free as well as elegant and formal. Residents who have built swimming pools with pools Geelong will certainly have a blast during these dry, humid and hot days. Hence, hosting a summer pool party can be truly fun for families and friends. The Internet has a wealth of useful and fun pool party ideas that may help pull of a summer party unlike others.
Here is a checklist and guide on how to do a pool party right and avoid common missteps:
The first thing to do is to have a concept or theme for the party. Among the most popular themes are the Hawaiian Luau and beach party. A Hawaiian Luau is generally easy to set up and will not cost a lot to prepare. This is an ideal theme for a laidback and casual party where guest can wear colorful Hawaiian print shirts and beautiful leis that you can prepare yourself. The foods to serve also do not need to be fancy. There are easy to prepare treats like pineapple chicken, barbeque, ham, and fruits among others.
Meanwhile, a beach barbeque party theme is equally simple to do, and the attire is also casual and relaxed. Foods to be served may include grill hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob to name some. Right after you decide about what theme to use, you are now ready to prepare and send out invitations. Include in the essential details of the invitation the things that the guests need to bring like sunscreen, beach towel, or snacks and drinks.
Asking your guests to bring their own towels will minimize laundry job afterwards. If there will be children, which is more likely than not, ask their parents to bring the children’s own pool toys to avoid toy tagging, chaos and quarrels that can potentially ruin the mood of the party. Offer pairs of beach flip-flops for guests as well as plastic bags to use for their wet bathing suits later on. Provide ample shades or shaded spots so that your guests will have shelter from the sun or uneventful rains. First aid kit is crucial for swimming pool parties and make sure that children are supervise while they are in the pool.
When it comes to planning your own pool party, any party theme can work. The key is making sure that you, your family and your friends will have a blast. Whether it is a themed or no-theme pool party, what’s important is finding the time to gather your loved ones while taking a dip of cooling down the heat in and around your pool. Whichever arrangement of pool party you decide on, make sure to have fun. Whatever!
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Corsets are awesome apparels for getting those sexy curves that you have always wanted. Of course, there are only a few reasons why you should even wear one of these, but I have a friend who likes to wear them on a daily basis. She acts like the corset is just an ordinary blouse or jacket, but whatever! In reality, corsets have been around since the medieval period. You know the one where that was always worn by the queens, princesses, and other women of royalty? If you are thinking about wearing one, but cannot seem to figure out where or how to buy them, then you are in luck. I am going to show you some tips and tricks on owning a corset.

Buying and Making a Corset
There are different kinds of corsets that you can find in boutiques; from underbust corsets to steel boned corsets. If you do not want to purchase a corset, you can always resort to making one, as long as you have the capabilities and resources to do so. Women end up buying one instead of making them, but there are still handfuls that do make their own corsets. Apart from boutiques, you can also consult with tailors who can make customized corsets. This way, you will be able to choose the form of the corset and the kind of cloth that you want to use.

The different types of corsets

There are two different styles of corsets – the overbust corset and the underbust corset. It is important that you know the difference between these two, as one may be advantageous over the other; it all depends on your needs.

  • The underbust corset is a corset which stretches from under the breast all the way to the hips. It comes with a hip clincher and varies in height. Women prefer to use them, as they are less noticeable, or invisible, underneath clothing, and they can also be used for waist training. This is the corset for you if you have a small bust because it reduces the waistline and helps draw more attention to your bust.

  • The overbust corset is another different corset, which encompasses the woman’s hips and extends just under the arms to the hips. There are some overbust corsets which extends up to the top of the hip while there are those that extend over the hips. This corset is perfect for elongating your waistline, flattening the tummy and adding plump to your bust.

Corsets have been around since the medieval periods, and hundreds of years later, they are still considered a must-have for any modern fashion style.
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Pool Parties are the best!!! They’re making a comeback and people love the combination of sun, water, and sexy swimsuits. Private home pools are the ultimate luxury must-have these days, and if you are lucky enough to have one, you better make plans to make your next party a pool party!

Throwing a pool party is very easy, though there are some considerations, it pretty easy to pull off. All you need to do is set the date, have a fun theme, invite your friends, and do the groceries for the party. The fun thing about pool a party is that it is very informal and everybody just wants to have fun when they are in one. Just be sure to crank up the music and soon your pool is going to look like a set of an MTV Spring Break episode.

Here are a few tips to throwing the best pool party ever!

Sanitation is paramount. Can you imagine swimming in a pool with a lot of unidentified floating devices? It’s kind of gross, right? Making sure the water is sparkling clean is one of the most important things when throwing a pool side party. Not only will it encourage people to jump in and get wet, it will also improve the whole vibe of the party. So make sure you schedule a clean-up prior to the part. Cleaning also ensures that damage to your pool filtration system and water pumps are avoided. Water pumps get clogged and could damage after a wild pool party, so also prepare to have someone clean up after the party (for pool pumps services, try checking out

Always keep in mind the size of the pool. People often make the mistake of inviting more than what the pool can actually accommodate - although some people actually like a tight pool party for some unsavory reasons. If you want people to have fun,make sure they have enough room to have fun in. This also relates to the number of guess you can invite. Also include in your invitation if they intend not to swim so you can have alternative entertainment for them - although I suggest you throw them at the pool too.

Follow your theme from invitation to actual party. Setting the mood and creating the atmosphere is also another important aspect of pool parties. You have to make sure your party is unforgettable - not because of food poisoning of course, but because it transported them to wherever you want them to be.

Prepare light food and hope they don’t fall in the water. But just in case they do, be sure you cook something dry that can easily be scooped up and won’t dissolve in the water. A lot of people will get turned off if they swim in stew-smelling water. Also keep the drinks and food bar away from the pool to encourage them not to eat in the water. And to put added incentive, set an open, and informal space where they can sit and eat, and still have a good view of the pool.

If your guests are planning to have kids, always be sure there is a lifeguard, or someone always watching the water, you don’t want you party to turn in one of those “good times gone bad” moments, right?
Always make sure the water is safe.

And last, but definitely not the least, Music, music, music. This will definitely liven up the party. Set your music according to theme to maintain artistic integrity, and make sure it’s playing at the right level, depending on the party of course. Whatever!!!!
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I always liked the idea of giving my friends or family members gifts every now and then. It doesn’t have to be their birthday, but I’d like to give them something that they would never really expect. This idea started a couple of years ago when I was still in college. One of my psych majors required us to do a social experiment where we would do random acts of kindness and see how people react. This was my way of showing how random my kindness was. Years later, random gift giving became a hobby of mine.

Here’s an example. I have a friend who rarely makes a good decision simply because he’s unable to make up his mind most of the time. We tried everything, but somehow he just can’t do it. I took it upon myself and gave him a Magic 8-Ball, which I got from, and somehow, it had an effect on him. Little by little, he was able to make decisions every now and then. According to his girlfriend, he would always ask his Magic 8-Ball for decisions on where to eat, and other trivial things. Then again, his girlfriend is a bit crazy, but WHATEVER!

Another instance of random gift giving was when I gave my little brother a Rubik’s Cube a couple of months ago. He uses it as a paperweight now, but he tries to have a GO at it every now and then. If I were to list down every instance of random gift giving, it would take me close to 2 days to compile everything that I’ve remembered. The point of random gift giving is that it teaches you a bit of compassion, and somehow, little by little, your attitude towards your family member or friends becomes a bit more positive. That’s the lesson I learned from my Psych major a couple of years ago, but WHATEVER!